Creative travel journal


A journal to make the most of your trips, to document the extraordinary, but also the ordinary. All pages are illustrated and contain a creative activity, trigger, or exercise that the reader must complete during her/his journey.
You will be able to document things like your planned itinerary or the 3 best restaurants you’ve visited, but it will also allow you to get inspired, spark your creativity and experience things that will enrich your trip and you as a person.
With space to draw, paste your photographs, keep your plane tickets, activities such as “Buy a postcard and send it to someone you care about”; “Write down everything that has gone wrong today and laugh at it!”…
It is NOT a blank notebook, it is NOT a planner, it is a travel journal in which you will not only reflect your external journey: you will also capture your internal journey.
Created and illustrated by Raquelguma.

86 pages (all pages are illustrated in full color), recycled paper.

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